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How I play Abathur – Heroes of the Storm

Level 100 Abathur - Junkrat Patch -

Abathur.. Abathur.. Abathur, the Slug if HotS, the zerg evolution master. Turns out this is my kind of hero.
Abathur operates like no other hero, although he’s classified as a melee specialist, which is technically true, very little melee-ing occurs during regular gameplay, instead Abathur uses Symbiote to “hat” friendly units allowing him to do damage and assist from afar. See more over here iguess.
I’ve played HotS on and off ever since Alpha, with Abathur as main all the way.
Once hitting 100 I’m at a reported winrate of 550%, but lots of soloqueue QMs aren’t helping that. I’ve got 662 games played reported.
Abathur Level 100 Stats


When it comes to building Abathur there are generally 3 type to choose from, +1 more if you’re feeling cheeky. As with any hero the build focus around one or more abilities, or a playstyle.
I’ve spent most of my time with the Symbiote build, lately adapting it to a more supportive role by swapping out the first talent choice, as per;
1: Regenerative Microbes,
With Regenerative Microbes picked up, shielded targets heal, this is a Great way of supporting your team.
However, if you’re already up two supports~, go for Pressurized Glands to increase the W potential.
4: Adrenal Overload,
Adrenal Overload increased your Symbiote targets attack speed, I’ll only skip this if the team is made up of magic, if that’s the case, go for Sustained Carapace to allow the heal from talent 1 more effect.
7: Needlespine,
Needlespine simply increases your own damage and poke potential, a solid choice.
10: Evolve Monstrosity,
This could be controversial by flamers and haters, I can see why the pros pick up Ultimate Evolution, it’s a good pick up for team fights.
That said, I much more prefer playing Symbiote than a half measured copy of an ally, also, grabbing a kill or two with the Monstrosity is so much fun.
For that reason Evolve Monstrosity it is.
The Monstrosity kills and push alone has won me several games in the past.
13: Soma Transference,
This talent causes spikes to heal on hit, solid pick up for supportive purposes, has clutched more times than I can count.
It’s even better if Pressurized Glands gets picked up at 1.
16: Envenomed Spikes,
Causes spikes to slow on hit, synergizes well with all talents in this build for one reason or another, it’s pretty much a must have.
This together with a high stack of Evolve Monstrosity is so amazing.
20: Hivemind,
Double the Hat, double the damage, double the fun.

Other builds

The other build are;
Carapace, or, full support. Pick everything relating to shield and healing.
Locust Strain, where you pump up your passive and push with them.
And lastly, the funky one, Bomberman, where you boost your mine potential and use them to annoy the enemy to submission. It’s not Really recommended, as it looses oumph in the later game, but, fun can be had.

Why Abathur?

I can go on and on about why and the nuances of how, but that’s just it.
From the top, he’s a slug with the quirky ability to assist his allies via a hat, but it’s so much more than that.
He can soak, interrupt, scout, push, sneak objectives, turn fights, and so on.
On top of that, regular gameplay requires a hawk-like eye on the game, as if you’re playing something like Starcraft, this in turn increases the focus needed and the reward that comes with that.


There’s not a huge point to be rehashing what’s already been typed out, head on over to Icy Veins for further reading with an amazing guide by Straften.

Although, I do have my sleeves full of aces at this point. A few tips and tricks to follow;
On Dragonshire you can place your mines from base to the corners of both points, as well as at the target in the middle, allowing you to use Z to borrow and cap.
With the cap bar 60% full (as in, after 40% progress), hit B to recall and have it land just as the cap is successful. This’ll require some practice, but will allow you to help turn games and earn you some extra credit with your team mates!
the same trick works on all body based capping, as the technique is the same.

In general, sure, Abathur is squishy, but with usage of burrow and mines you can end up in places where you’re not supposed to be.
You can for example cap nukes and use them towards bases on Warhead Junction, you can quickly cap the points on Braxis Holdout, follow the escort target on Hanamura, sneak a few beams of the towers at Sky Temple, and so on.
On some maps with a particular build you can end up via Z “behind” the enemy Core, allowing you yo spawn Locusts having them push core while being out of core range, forcing a recall from the enemy. Have fun with that.

Another sneaky one on the new map Volskaya Foundry, with some proper timeings you can place mines on the treadmills, having the set time expire before the mines have traveled to the end of line line, resulting in live bombs being “launched” at the enemy.
Works particularly well on the first Cap.

You can’t assist what you don’t understand, I’m not saying, go and get 5 with every hero, me myself is not even close to close to that, but work on understanding what your teammates need and/or want, you can help with a whole lot of little things as Abathur. Be observant of the map, not just of the other team, but your own as well. Move round if needed, Z is designed to be used. Lastly, communicate if needed, not everyone know what Abathur is all about.

I can’t recommend Abathur enough.
Have fun out there!